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Wigoz is the Apps Arm for  4 Vision launched saidaonline.com iphone/ipad  & Android app

Wigoz is working on Application Development in Middle East and GCC for Mobile and Facebook…

Mobile App Development

Want a new Mobile Application for the Iphone, IPAD, E-Reader, Android or Nokia handsets. From a simple design specification which we will produce with you we can provide you with a competitive quotation within 5 days of agreeing the requirements. We also take the pain out of publishing the application on the Stores so that people can download it as we are a registered Publisher on all platforms.

Website Mobilisation

We have some wizard technology that can take your website and turn it into a mobile enabled website within hours ensuring that even the most complicated of sites can benefit from a proper representation on all Mobile Handsets.

Search Engine Optimisation

Sounds technical doesn’t it. And it is, but in simple terms it ensures that your website is seen by people when they use the most popular search engines to find businesses like yours. If you are not seen high up in the results within the Search Engines, you are not seen by your potential customers. We guarantee we will improve you website ranking.

Mobile Advertising

We work with the world’s leading Technology providers so can ensure that your Mobile application will start generating advertising revenues for you from day 1. If you have a product to promote already we can find the right places in the mobile world for you to promote them cost effectively.

Website Design

So there are lots of website designers out there and they vary considerably in price and quality. You want a website that meets your business requirements at the lowest possible cost, without prejudicing the experience of the customer or the values of your brand. We can design a website that fits your budget and offer you best advice on the technology to use and design considerations to ensure that your needs are met.

Email Marketing

So you have a customer base, and you want to communicate to them regularly about new products and services you have to offer, or new product launches. Alternatively you want to communicate with a clearly targeted group of customers in a region.

Through our extensive network of email marketing partners, and purpose designed technology platforms we can design , develop and manage your email marketing campaigns to ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

Developer Investment

At Wigoz we believe in the power of peoples imagination, so much so that we have an Investment Fund to help develop new talent and ideas. If you have a new idea why not contact us to discuss how this can be brought to market. If we like it we can help to develop it with you and turn your idea into commercial reality.

These are some of the solutions we currently offer, but we know the world changes quickly and we keep an eye on what is happening in the marketplace to ensure that we are able to provide the latest services to our clients. Keep coming back to this site to see our new initiatives in the marketplace

Translation Services

We are experts in the sensitivities and regional needs of the Arabic world. If you have a website that you now need to prepare to launch in the Arabic world we know we can help you to ensure it fits the needs of the 290m Arabic speakers in the world.



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Wigoz is the Apps Arm for  4 Vision launched saidaonline.com iphone/ipad  & Android app

Wigoz is working on Application Development in Middle East and GCC for Mobile and Facebook…

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